Buterin to debate with Roubini?

Creator of the Ethereum Vitalik Buterin and prominent American economist Nouriel Roubini are negotiating on the details of future cryptocurrency debates. The parties have already agreed in a sense, but they are looking for a suitable moderator and a platform for the meeting.

Recently Forbes senior editor Laura Shin invited Buterin and Roubini to hold a discussion on her Unchained: Big Ideas From the Worlds of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency program. However, this offer was rejected by Roubini, who called Shin “a biased advertising person of the cryptoindustry”. So now Vitalik and Nuriel are looking for a moderator who suits both of them. The economist writes in his Twitter account:

“I am glad to have the opportunity to discuss it live with Vitaly Buterin. We can choose an objective moderator who suits both of us, and not biased advertising persons, supposedly journalists, but in fact PR specialists of the critical currency sector. I’m not interested in dealing with Laura Shin.

Buterin proposed the candidacy of Kevin Pham, who says that he is “100% prejudiced” against both potential debaters. This year, Buterin and Pham exchanged views on Twitter, after Pham suggested that Buterin could make a deal with the Russian authorities that would prevent him from leaving the Ethereum project.”

Twitter users offered their options: Tone Vays, John McAfee, Joe Rogan, and even the Dalai Lama.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to say whether the debate will take place, given the dirt tanks that the parties to the conflict virtually poured at each other. A sharp critic, Roubini has repeatedly called Buterin around – for example, “a genius who has lies and swindled his way to the billions of his fake wealth”. And the other day Roubini wrote:

“Vitaly Buterin, along with Joe Lubin, was the leader of a gang who launched a fraudulent scheme for pre-sales sales, as a result of which the ether was born. They stole 75% of the stocks of the ether and instantly became fake billionaires.”

Last week, Roubini, a venerable economist who predicted the global financial crisis in 2008, took part in a meeting of the Senate Banking, Housing, and Community Services Committee. In his speech, he once again called the cryptocurrency “the mother of all fraud and bubbles”, and the blockchain – “the most HYIP technology in history.”

In turn, Buterin revealed information about the amount of ether at his disposal. In addition, Vitalik said that the lack of “special knowledge” would not prevent him from predicting the onset of the next financial crisis. In response, Roubini advised to “shut up.”

Yesterday’s criticism from an economist to Arthur Hayes, the co-founder of the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange, added fuel to the confrontation. Hayez suggested that BitMEX could act as a debate organizer and “pay all production costs.”

Roubini in his manner called BitMEX a “typical cesspool of cryptocurrency trading” and a “criminal fraudulent scheme”:

Finally, on October 14, Roubini proposed his moderator, lawyer Stephen Palley, and he agreed by tweeting:

“I will be an honest judge. And I will provide parties with snacks. And drinks. Drinks – an indispensable condition of the debate.”