Google CEO’s son mines Ether

Looks like the Google boss has a son with secret projects related to the world of cryptocurrency after he told his father about the ether mining at home.

Perhaps the 11-year-old son of Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has an entrepreneurial vein from his father. Speaking at the New York Times DealBook Conference last week, he reported that his son used a family computer for the crypto mining. He commented:

“Last week I was at lunch with my son, and I talked about something about Bitcoin, and my son explained that what I’m talking about is” Etharium “, which is a little different,” said Pichai, “he is 11 years old. And he said he was extracting it. ”

It seems that the children are quite aware of the development of technologies related to cryptocurrency, as Pichai admitted that his son had corrected him when they had recently chatted about Bitcoin. Sergey Brin, who is the founder of Google, shared his experience “Home mining “:

“A year or two ago my son insisted that we need to buy a game computer… I said to him, “Well if we get a gaming computer, we have to do cryptocurrency. ” So we created the miner Ethereum, and since then we have earned a few pennies, a few dollars since.”

The head of Google discussed his views on the amount of time spent in front of the screens of children, in connection with the recent article of The New York Times about the families of Silicon Valley developers and technical dependence among children. It seems that the computer that his son was working on was actually built by his father.

“I am like any other parent, I believe,” said Pichai. ” I’m testing a lot of gadgets at home, so I have a vulnerability to how my kids get access to the materials.”

Pichai said that he needed to teach his son some important information about how the financial system works: “I realized that he understood Ethereum better than the way paper money worked… I had to talk to him about the banking system, about its importance. It was a good conversation.”

The interview was done on the same day that thousands of Google employees around the world protested against the company’s allegations of sexual misconduct against female employees while retiring from working positions. Pichai confessed: “We did not always understand it correctly.”