Vitalik Buterin doesn’t see himself in Ethereum as decision-maker

During the annual developer conference Ethereum Vitaly Buterin, founder of Ethereum, said that technology can be successful and become truly decentralized if it ceases to depend on it, reported technology Review November 1, 2018 Year.

While there is no doubt that Vitaly Buterin is still a guiding star for the community that has arisen around Ethereum since its inception in 2014, it seems that the founder of technology does not see its big involvement in the future of the company.

During the Devcon, the annual conference organized by the non-profit foundation Ethereum, the most popular discussion topic was the vision of Buterin’s “Ethereum 2.0”. The future iteration of the current decentralized platform is reported to be able to work effectively on a much larger scale and, as promised, will be able to serve a larger user base compared to today.

However, in an interview with MIT Technology Review, Devcon Buterin said that despite the big plans that the company has, the time has come to “start to go back to the past”. According to the interview, the influence of Buterin at the time of decision-making weakens partly because of the growth of the community itself, and partly because of the desire of the founder.

“I think people feel it,” he said, citing a post on Twitter that he saw after the first day of DevCon. “There was even one comment that bluntly said that, like, wow, it looks like the community is really working together and not just relying on a few people who are responsible.”

Hudson Jameson of the Etharium Foundation confirmed that Buterin had “not made a decision in many ways”, which he said was an important element of the ecosystem in order to become completely decentralized.

Vitaliy’s decision to minimize his influence on the Ethereum network, while he was greeted by many world enthusiasts cryptocurrency and blockchain, was not very well met in the Society of influential people of the platform Bitcoin.

Tone Vays expressed his opinion on the article published in Technology Review, and he also commented on the post on Twitter that Buterin was preparing to get out of the project Ethereum and focus on EOS. Vays said that Ethereum and his ether, as well as EOS, are nonsense and can not compete with Bitcoin.

Vays, a former vice president at J.P. Morgan Chase and the current owner of the podcast Crypto Scam also said that the only thing that Bitcoin competes with IS money currencies such as the US dollar, the euro, and gold.

Buterin reacted quickly enough to the statements of the blogger, saying that he did not leave the project and had no plans to reduce his commitment to the Ethereum project. The founder also stated that he was not “responsible” and that the Beatles ‘ followers, such as Vays, had “zero authority”.