Netcoins: transform any device to crypto ATM

While the number of people who want to use Bitcoin or Ethereum for their daily purchases is growing, one of the most confusing aspects for newcomers is still how to actually buy and sell cryptocurrency. For some users, online exchangers may be questionable or too complex. The acquisition of altkoins can be even more complicated in order to acquire them, users first have to acquire basic (among trades) tokens.

Netcoins Inc. Is one of the companies that strive to offer a solution for those who prefer to buy Bitcoin and altcoins from a reliable source without the use of platforms-exchangers. The team creates a new opportunity for altkoins to enter the retail market, allowing users to instantly buy cryptocurrency using cash, debit or credit cards.

The company Netcoins, located in Vancouver, Canada, has a global retail network of 170 000 offices in 53 countries on six continents, where people can easily enter the store to buy bitcoin and altkoins for Fiat.

According to the company, these 170 000 stores open the possibility of buying coins for the average person right in their own area, without the need to be somehow associated with the trading exchanges.

Most stores sell vouchers that can then be redeemed online on the Netcoins website. In some places, Netcoins manages its own ATM software, which allows retailers to sell a wide variety of cryptocurrency. “We turn any device, such as a tablet or laptop, into a virtual cryptocurrency ATM, so that consumers can easily buy a crypt in a familiar retail network,” the company said in a statement.

Any retailer who has a cheque can install a Netcoins virtual crypto-currency software. It can be a supermarket, an electronic shop or a beauty shop-almost everywhere where customers make purchases. The only thing a customer needs is an email address and a small fee for the convenience that a retailer shares with Netcoins.

“Customers no longer need to deal with cryptocurrency,” said Mark Binns, CEO, and director of Netcoins. Clients don’t even need a digital wallet. The software can automatically create a purse on the blockchain. The Netcoins software engine also provides real-time quotes, exchange options, instant order and automatic invoicing. The application can run in the browser from any device connected to the Internet.

Netcoins has been working on the cryptocurrency market for four years. The Company believes that its platform can make cryptocurrency more popular for 95 percent of the population, which is still not familiar with the crypto-market.

The team also hopes that their decision will help the altcoins overcome the problems they currently have. While the use of alternative tokens in the community is growing, Bitcoin and ether are still dominant cryptocurrency transactions.

In addition to the problems with the massive acceptance of altcoins, there is a problem of too expensive entry into the market and listing on the exchanges. Recently, Netcoins held a special competition for the transfer of coins, in which users could nominate and vote for their favorite altcoin. In total, 83 coins were nominated and the main prize was awarded to altcoin Steem. They will receive a free listing for the amount of $30 000 on the Netcoins platform. In just the last few months, Netcoins has increased the number of available coins on its platform from 2 to 17.

The Netcoins team believes in the potential of the altcoins. “We allow the Altkoins to profit in the retail environment and make them available to the average consumer while maintaining the need for a traditional Exchange account,” the company said in a statement. In 2018, Netcoins listed 13 paid Altkoins for its LAAS business model (listing as a service).