What happens to EOS – Bullish vs. Bearish

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What happens to EOS – Bullish vs. Bearish

EOS is one of the most promising altcoins on the entire crypto market. Many investors have high hopes for the coin, although it is still not clear how this will affect the course in the coming months. Tradingview traders shared three conflicting predictions about the future of altcoin.

Dump is close
Trader ToDaMoonlol believes that EOS has no prerequisites for bullrun. Moreover, investors of the project expect several months of pain. In his opinion, the coin will fall first to $ 4.6 in the near future, and from there it will roll back to $ 2.5.
The pressure of sellers will be so strong that until the end of 2018 the coin will not be able to grow at all. If the prediction of ToDaMoonlol turns out to be true, all the developers’ efforts to work on the EOS mainnet will not affect the price of the token.

Short term
For the time being, it is possible to talk about a local bear trend only on the basis of indications of technical factors. According to the Thanhpv2408 chart, in the short term, the EOS price will drop to $ 4.5.
The trader’s forecast can remain valid until the end of November. True, what exactly will follow after the fall is still unknown. Perhaps this will be the last rollback before the start of the new bullrun.

Bullish scenario
There are quite a few investors on the market who believe in the growth of coins, no matter what. These include GeekChartZ, which predicts the rapid growth of EOS in the fourth quarter of 2018. Moreover, the trader is confident that banks and other financial institutions are already stocking up with EOS. In the near future, the price of the token should overcome resistance in the zone of $ 5.
If the uptrend lasts a long time, the cost of the token will crawl to at least $ 9 by the end of this year. This is also indicated by one positive factor – the EOS price has not dropped below the main support in the last 8 weeks.