Payment cards from Tron

Payment cards can lead to the next wave of adoption of cryptocurrencies. SesameSeed is now on its way to creating a new option to use cryptographic data for Tron users, according to New TronCards are running in beta for SesameSeed SEEDGerminator contributors. Any address that contributed to the Poppy project on the SEEDGerminator will receive 5 Poppy tokens for each SEED, and 1 Poppy token for each TRX. Addresses that receive more than 10,000 Poppy tokens or more will be automatically credited to the TronCard beta.

The first functional TronCard
Participants who successfully enter the TronCard Beta will be the first to receive a TronCard. A fully functional free card allows users to pay for purchases from all available Poppy retailers and TRON integrated wallets. Participants will also be invited to work with the TronCard and Poppy teams to ensure that the Beta program is thoroughly tested.

The card will work as a full-featured TRON wallet that will contain several security features. According to SesameSeed, the card will have security features to prevent unauthorized access, including NFC and QR options for transmitting TRX. Interacting with Poppy and other popular TRON wallets, including these powerful features, makes TronCard a truly universal TRX payment method.

Open Payments Platform
SesameSeed suggests that TronCard was developed as an open payment platform from the very beginning. It will be integrated with a large number of applications and wallets that could be connected to the TRON blockchain. With the help of a beta program in the real world, the development of this payment card will become truly universal and will help with laying a solid foundation for its future.

The announcement also suggests that “anonymity is the key” to the payment card. Therefore, addresses that receive more than 10,000 Poppy tokens will be provided with instructions on how to purchase a card through a third-party distributor.