European bank to offer ETH for USD

Recently, the largest European bank Dukascopy Bank, specializing in online and mobile trading as well as banking and financial services, announced on its official website that the second largest digital currency, Ethereum (ETH), has become available to its customers for US dollars (USD). Cryptocurrency trades are held on the bank’s own trading platform using CFDs.

Dukascopy Bank announced:
“While continuing to prepare for holding our own ICO, Dukascopy Bank launches trading operations with the ETH / USD pair on the basis of CFD contracts.”

The company said that from October 9, trading in the crypto-fiat pair ETH/USD will be available at the exchange platform of Dukascopy Bank. At the same time, the bank team noted that the rules for trading ETH/USD using CFD contracts will be similar to trading in BTC/USD.

In addition, the announcement states that customers of Dukascopy Bank will be able to trade Ethereum cryptocurrency with a margin leverage of 1:3. In Europe, leverage will be set at 1:2 due to restrictions imposed by the European Securities and Markets Regulator (ESMA).

It is noteworthy that, according to Dukascopy Bank, the Ethereum digital token will also be available to all users with mobile company accounts (MCA). At the same time, margin trading for MCA accounts will not be available. The message says:

“Users will be able to keep the Ether on their Dukascopy bank accounts and exchange ETH virtual coins with other MCA clients.”

Moreover, the transfer of CFD Ethereum between MCA-users will be instant and completely free, as for Bitcoin (BTC) on this platform.