Paying in Bitcoins in Excel spreadsheet? Easy

Independent institutional investor adviser Pierre Rochard said recently that a plug-in for Microsoft Excel was created that can help users make payments in Bitcoin directly. The spreadsheet plugin will use Lightning Network (LN) to make fast payments in the cryptocurrency.

Called Neutrino, the Rochard program allows users to make Bitcoin payments for Excel. It was reported that it connects to the Lightning Network to make Bitcoin payments directly from Excel spreadsheets. Rochard announced his new program on Twitter, stating:

“The LND node software now runs from *within* the Excel plugin. With neutrino, that means that a Windows + Excel user can be making and receiving LN payments with a few clicks.”

Lightning Network is a second-layer payment solution that helps speed up Bitcoin transactions. To use this feature, Excel users will not need to manage a full node. Moreover, the project referenced by the creator is called Lightning Network Daemon (LND), which was released in beta version 0.5.

LN software may not be very friendly to regular users. Shitcoin.com CEO Andreas Bracken has previously noted that there are many glitches in the network. In his experience, he found this an impractical solution, even for “high-tech users.” He also reported that the network codebase is filled with several errors and that the software has a very high chance of transaction failure.

Could this mean that the Rochard plugin depends on the intact system? Not. When LN is ripe, it will solve the problems with the scalability of the Bitcoin network, which has been haunting the network for a long time, and Rochard also suggested the same thing. He clarified for followers that his program is still at the stage of creation and testing.

He also warned followers that the plugin is “not for everyone.” It is intended for advanced users, that is, people who have extensive experience using Excel. Although a plug-in may not be the right choice for regular users, it can be very useful for individuals and companies in the financial sector, as they can be defined as “advanced users” of Excel. A public release of the payment plugin is expected to be released at the end of this month.